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Jenan Products - Pasta


Perfect with tomato-based and lighter cream sauces, tossed as a entrée or as an ingredient in soups.


The most versatile ingredient in the kitchen, be it for a dinner party, family meal or a comfort dinner.


Ideal with tomato or bolognese sauces, and even delicious with stir fries or simply mixed with pesto.


Capture the essence of rich meat or ricotta-based sauces with the twists and spirals of this delicate pasta.

Kitchen Tips

Don't mix your pasta

Some types of pasta take longer to cook than others, so never mix them. Always treat them with individual attention.

Pasta do's

Do add a pinch of salt when you cook pasta. It makes it taste better without really adding much sodium to your recipes.

How much pasta?

Pasta almost doubles in size when cooked. So if you start with one cup, you're going to have two cups by the time you're done.