Al Ghurair Foods' Flour Milling Journey Since 1976

Published: 18 February, 2021


As we look back over the past 45 years, we understand that Jenan has come a long way. From being part of a family-owned business, we are now recognised as the people's most-preferred food brand.

The National Flour Mill

Jenan has made great strides in its journey that started way back in 1976 with the establishment of National Flour Mill by Al Ghurair Foods in Dubai. The National Flour Mill marked the dawn of industrial revolution in the country and was the first-of-its-kind flour mill in the UAE. It was set up with a vision to offer fresh bread to the UAE residents.

Gradually, the demand for our flour rose and soon, the mill began producing 800 tonnes of flour a day, which is almost triple its capacity. 21 years later, in 1997, we set up our second flour mill in Jebel Ali, again in Dubai to cater to the overseas market. This was, actually, a realisation of our dream to expand our footprint to other countries. And, this mill was capable of producing 1300 tonnes of flour daily. Both these mills together, now, produce over 50 varieties of flour including all-purpose flour, wholemeal flour, wheat flour and self-raising flour.

Extending Our Reach

Being a miller by nature, flour is our flagship business and we are proud to offer the best-quality flour for our customers. A major flour supplier in Dubai, Jenan now supplies to over 50 countries in the world covering the Middle East, the Indian SubContinent and the Far East.

To satisfy the burgeoning demand for Jenan flour in both the domestic and international market, we’ve scaled up our milling capacity by adding more mills to our National Flour Mill line. Today we have six mills in operation, two in the UAE and the others are located in Sudan, Algeria, Lebanon, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Together they produce 5,500 metric tonnes of wheat daily.

Timeline of Our Milling History

1976 - Al Ghurair Foods entered the UAE food scene by setting up National Flour Mill in Dubai. The production capacity is 800 tonnes per day.

1997 - We opened our second mill, with massive storage facilities, in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai. The production capacity is 1300 tonnes per day.

2002 - NFM acquires 50% stake in the flour mill in Sudan. The production capacity of this mill is 1,300 tonnes of wheat flour per day and storage capacity is 80,000 tonnes.

2003 - Sri Lankan flour mill became operational. NFM holds 90% stake in it. Production capacity is 1000 tonnes of wheat per day and storage capacity is 60000 tonnes.

2004 - We set up a new flour mill in Algeria with a production capacity of 5000 tonnes per day.

2011 - Started another mill in Tripoli, Lebanon with an aim to be the no. 1 flour brand in the region.