Made with Jenan


What do i need?

  1. JENAN® white oats - 4 tbsp, grinded
  2. Penne macaroni - 400g
  3. Minced meat - 200g
  4. Onion -1finely chopped
  5. Ghee -1 tsp
  6. Black pepper - ½ tsp
  7. Cardamom - ¼ tsp grinded
  8. Oil - 2 tbsp to grease the pan
  9. Tomato - 1 medium size, finely chopped
  10. Salt - To taste

Preparation time:

20 mins


Cooking time:

60 mins










How do i prepare it?

  1. In boiled & salty water, partially cook macaroni, rinse and place in a cooker. Add chopped tomato and stir well. Heat the ghee/oil in a pan, add chopped onions and meat. Add salt, black pepper and cardamom; stir until meat is cooked. To prepare Bechamel sauce: in a cooker, melt ghee or butter, add Jenan flour and stir well. Gradually add milk and continue stirring. Allow the milk to boil. Add black pepper, salt and cardamom. Let the sauce cool down. Add 2 Jenan eggs and stir well, add some of the Bechamel sauce to the macaroni and mix. Grease the oven pan with oil and spread Jenan ground oats. Pour some of the Bechamel sauce in the pan and put half of the macaroni in the pan and distribute equally. Add the remaining macaroni over the meat and cover with the remnants of Bechamel sauce. Spread some Jenan oats over the pan and place inside pre-heated oven to roast the surface.

Cooking Tips